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Why Should You Box With Me?

The physical benefits of boxing are legendary. Nothing will get you leaner, faster and stronger than boxing can. Add the self defense element and you’ll see why boxing is such a great choice for men and women who want to get in shape fast and stay there.


Even though most people get into boxing for the physical benefits, it’s the mental ones that keep them coming. You’ll be able to think clearer, act faster and go further. Training like a professional fighter makes you think like a professional fighter. You’ll get braver, bolder and take on challenges you never thought you could.

Whatever the impetus was for you to start boxing, it probably wasn’t a good one. Girlfriend left, lost your job, stress at work or parents didn’t love you. Blah, blah, blah. Whatever it was, I have good news – nobody cares. You want even better news? Neither will you. Boxing doesn’t change things, it changes you – the way you think, the way you look, the way you are. Spinning is an activity, boxing is an identity.

I do not do aerobic or circuit boxing classes. my philosophy is that in order to get the full benefits of boxing, as your trainer I should reflect that of a professional fighter. This does not mean you will be drinking raw eggs and hitting sides of beef anytime soon. It does mean that we will hold you to the same standards we do a professional fighter. Adhere to a regular training schedule. Eat intelligently, drink responsibly and live wisely. check this out?

I was really pumped up after my boxing workout wit Ralph. Old school boxing is the way to go if you’re gunna do it right.