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New York Style Boxing Classes:

Hi, I am Ralph and I’ve been in the sport of boxing for over 30 years training the best professionals and amateurs of my time. I train men and women on all different levels and have achieved the best of the best as a trainer.

Why Should You Train With Me?

I have been in the best New York City boxing gyms of my era and continue loving my craft as a trainer and working. Being a team player as a native New Yorker born and raised. And I still love training fighters and being involved in the sport to this very day!

Back in the days it was a lot easier to run a boxing gym. You didn’t need a business plan, business sense, or even a lot of money to open one. A ring, some heavy bags, a couple of speed bags, and not much else. Those days are over. Now boxing gyms are owned and operated by guys with MBA’s and Instagram followers. Guys with cool names and even cooler tattoos.

But if you’re someone like me who just loves the nitty gritty and nothing flashy- then training with me might be what you’re looking for. 

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